Do your genes determine your entire life?

“Genes” carry the genetic information that determines individual’s traits and characteristics that are passed on to you, or inherited from the parents, e.g. diversity of eye and skin colors as well as the risks of developing certain diseases. Genes are often referred to the blueprint for life. In fact, genetic variations affect our health throughout life stages, covering preconception, pregnancy, childhood and adolescence, adulthood and old age. Due to advances in medical technology, various types of genetic testing help aiding in diagnostics and treatments of certain hereditary diseases. Moreover, genetics play a crucial role in creating proactive healthcare plan best suited for each person based on a person's genetic makeup.

Empowering Health through Precision Medicine

Would it be better if we could precisely initiate healthcare plan to design our life based on our genetic profile? Because everyone is unique, Precision Medicine is an innovative approach using genomic information combined with different environment and lifestyle to tailoring healthcare plans, allowing personalized care required for each individual. It covers well-being, health promotion, disease screening, prevention, diagnosis and treatment as well as drug safety enhancement. Precision Medicine has been applied to various health conditions, e.g. personalized health check-up, fertility and pregnancy, cardiovascular diseases, cancers, neurological diseases, rheumatic / autoimmune diseases and infectious diseases.

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