Centers & Clinics


Heart , Preventive Heart and Lipid, Arrhythmia and AF , Cardiovasular, ..


Wattanosoth Early Detection, Medical Oncology , Breast , Surgical Oncol..

Bone & Spine

Orthopedic, Spine, Hip & Knee, Fracture, Sports and Exercise Medicine..


Neuroscience, Neurological Surgery, Longevity, Mental Health Rehabilit..


Trauma, BDMS Medevac, BDMS Emergency Services (BES), ..

Health Check-up

Health promotion, Civil Aeromedical, Occupational Health, ..


Surgery, Colorectal Surgery Clinic, Wound care, Bariatric Surgery, Plas..

Dental Care

Dental, Dental Implant, Digital Smile Design, Geriatric Dentistry and S..

Mother & Child

Women's Health, Fertility, Child Health, Skin and Aesthetics, Bariatric..


Longevity, Rehabilitation, Chiva Transitional Care Hospital, Fracture,..

Gl, Liver & Gallbladder

GI and Liver, Surgery, GI Motility Unit , ..

International Medical Services

International Medical Services, ジャパン・メディカルサービス (JMS), Arabic Medical Se..

Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine, Diabetes, Allergy and Asthma, Vaccine, Hypertension..

Recovery & Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation, Longevity, Chiva Transitional Care Hospital, Fracture,..

Aesthetic & Anti-aging

Skin and Aesthetics, Plastic Surgery and Reconstruction, Royal Life Ant..

Female Wellness

Women's Health, Fertility, Skin and Aesthetics, Bariatric Surgery, Roya..

Male Wellness

Sports and Exercise Medicine, Urology, Bariatric Surgery, Royal Life An..

Child Wellness

Child Health, Pediatric Dentistry, Child Development Neuropsychiatric ,..

Eye & Ent

Ear Nose Throat, LASIK, Eye, Hearing,Speech,Balance Tinnitus, Hyperbari..

Chest & Respiratory System

Chest and Respiratory, Allergy and Asthma, Ear Nose Throat, ..


Diabetes, Fertility, Health promotion, Mental Health Rehabilitation and..