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We believe that every second counts for patients in critical conditions and that can be the difference between life and death. The most important aspect of saving lives in an emergency situation is proper and timely treatments.

Bangkok trauma center is a supraregional trauma center capable of providing patients with the most advanced and comprehensive care available. A verified trauma center has strengthened its standing among the elite in comprehensive critical care facilities in the country. Since becoming a trauma center, the hospital has realized significant improvements in the areas of patient care, trauma education, and community outreach as a result of its effort to maintain the high status.

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Trauma center Advantages

Some advantages of a trauma center are:

  • A team of trauma care specialists available on site 24 hours a day
  • A specially trained staff and a wide range of highly specialized diagnostics and treatment equipment for all phases of trauma care, including emergency room, operating room, and intensive care units
  • Comprehensive clinical lab services available 24 hours
  • Programs for injury prevention, public and professional education and trauma research
  • Designated operating room and staff 24 hours a day
  • A rehabilitation service properly equipped for acute care of critically injured patients
  • It provides the care and resources to assist the trauma patient to recover and return to society.
  • All resources needed for timely care of the trauma patient are available around the clock.
  • It provides resources to the community including trauma outreach prevention programs, training and continuing education programs for health care personnel and continuing research to validate current management of trauma care.
  • Better patient outcomes resulting in lower death rates and complications.


Guidance of Care Traumatic Brain Injury Pathway

Trauma-Brain Pathway

English Version: Download PDF Booklet 
Japanese Version: Download PDF Booklet 

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