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One-Stop Health Checkup Service at Health Design Center

Annual checkups are important to your health as they can help reveal if the body is functioning correctly and can also lead to early detection of diseases before any symptoms develop allowing treatment to begin sooner. The center also provides medical consultation with regards to Lifestyle Modification such as nutrition and exercise, as well as how to detect symptoms.

Our physicians are experienced and supported by advanced medical technology to monitor your health, enabling early detection and solution of health problems. We offer strategies for staying healthy, including ways to be active and strong. Our goal is to partner with you, helping you achieve a fuller, healthier life. 

The Health Design Center has received Hospital Accreditation and service and quality certification from the Joint Commission International. We also work closely with the Oregon Health & Science University, known for their expertise in occupational medicine. 

Our Services Include

  • Driver’s licenses

  • Health insurance

  • Work permits and visa applications

In order to facilitate prompt and efficient service the centers has developed an OPD Patient Flow System 

You Can Expect The Following On Your Initial Visit

  • Registration: For first time visitors please contact the registration desk and bring identification such as national ID or passport.

  • Contact Health Design Center

               Individual Patients contact 5th Floor R-Building 

               Occupational or corporate clients please contact 5th Floor, R-Building

  • you will complete a questionnaire detailing lifestyle, medical history, and family history

  • one of our knowledgeable staff will help you choose the check-up program that best meets your needs

  • your height, weight, and eyesight will be checked

  • your blood will be taken and sent to the laboratory for tests

  • any other necessary tests will be completed – a nurse will guide you through each step of the process

  • while waiting for your results, you may enjoy a complimentary snack from our coffee corner

  • You will meet with your physician, and have the opportunity to ask questions or discuss concerns regarding your test   results.  These results will be given to you in English, and will be printed in an HPC booklet for your records and use on your next visit. 

Important: Pre-Checkup Preparation

  • Avoid food and drink for 6-8 hours before checkup. Water is allowed in tests that do not require use of a camera or other special tests such as gastrointestinal endoscopy and computer X-Ray 

  • Bring your medication and inform physician of what you are currently taking

  • For women: it is important to note that during menstruation a urine test cannot be conducted. Any checkup should be done 7 days after menstruation.

  • Make an appointment at the Contact Center. If you are unable to make the appointment or would like to reschedule please inform the Contact Center.

  • Bangkok Hospital reserves the right to change program prices without prior notice

Health Design Center

For more information, please contact
Health Design Center
5 th Floor, R Building
Daily 07.00 am. – 03.00 pm.