Chiva Transitional Care Hospital

1. Medical Specialists
Our physicians are board-certified in Internal Medicine and Geriatric Medicine.

2. Intensive Rehabilitation Programs
The center provides intensive rehabilitation programs that are run by rehabilitation teams, consisting of a physiatrist, physical therapist and occupational therapist. Each patient will undergo 3-4 hours of rehabilitation per day.

3. Recreation Activities
Participating in recreational activities along with health education sessions help patients to relax and enjoy themselves in order to refresh their body and mind.

4. Home-like Environment
The center is convenient, facilitating private time with family members./p>

5. Discharge Planning
We will provide patient and caregiver trainings to facilitate the patient or caregiver’s acquisition of knowledge and skills related to our patient’s medical condition to ensure a successful transition to return home.

6. Case Management Nurse
A nurse will coordinate care for patients requiring specialized treatment to ensure the continuity of treatment obtained in the hospital, creating a care plan before a patient returns home. In addition the nurse will follow up with that patient after he or she leaves the facility.

Our Patients

1. Patients requiring recuperation or physical therapy who undergo surgical procedures such as hip or knee joint surgery or spine surgery.
2. Post stroke patients who require intensive rehabilitation.
3. Patients with functional decline after acute illness.

Anticipated Benefits

1. Improved functional status
2. Cost-effectiveness
3. Reduced hospital re-admission
4. Better quality of life
5. Decreased family and caregiver burden

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