Chiva Transitional Care Hospital

Care for, rehabilitate and empower our patients to build the strength they need to return home.

In affiliation with Bangkok Hospital

Chiva Transitional Care Hospital

Move the patients towards greater independence and mobility

In design, furnishing and atmosphere, Chiva Transitional Care Hospital creates a welcoming feeling of warmth, and well-being. We offer the patients the opportunity to live their life to the fullest and to receive the assistance they need to enhance their independence, dignity and quality of life.

Chiva Transitional Care Hospital

We provide compassionate, patient-centered medical rehabilitation after recovering from surgery or acute illness.
With an interdisciplinary team approach, we work together to meet our patient’s goal of becoming stronger, more functional and returning home quickly.

Our patients will have a comfortable and relaxing recovery process in a home-like environment in their private rooms with a modern, contemporary look that offer spacious living with light and serene colors that will create a calming effect to support their wellness experience.


a Transitional Care Hospital?

A Transitional Care Hospital is a short-term care facility for medically complex patients transitioning from the hospital to home. These patients still need continuous care by rehabilitation specialists before being cared for at home. The goal of the transitional care hospital is to assist patient recovery by providing the medical and rehabilitative care necessary to help patients regain a certain level of independence.

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Chiva Transitional Care Hospital