LASIK Center

Innovation in Eye Care

Bangkok Hospital LASIK Center has long been recognized both in Thailand and abroad for providing the best possible eye care with a team of specialized ophthalmologists highly trained in the full spectrum of treatments, from prescribing glasses and contact lenses to complex and delicate eye surgery using technologically advanced equipment, all in a relaxed, efficient and professional environment. Our eye care programs are also accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI), the gold standard for top-tier healthcare providers, a testament to our world-class physicians, equipment, procedures and safety standards.

Our ophthalmologists are available for consultation and treatment. Talk to us about the various state-of- the-art procedures that are available for surgical vision correction to find the one best suited to your particular needs.

Minimal Complications

Refractive surgery is a life-changing decision that must always be made after being informed of the risks as well as the benefits. Overall, LASIK is a safe and effective vision correction procedure when performed by an experienced ophthalmologist, and serious complications that result in the need for surgical intervention or cause significant vision loss are very rare.

Minor problems include:

  • Infection 

  • Under- or over-correction 

  • Reduced low-light vision, sensitivity to light, and visual distortion such as glare, haloes or starbursts around light sources that may be bothersome or make driving at night difficult 

  • Initial fluctuations of vision 

  • Dry eye syndrome

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