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Royal Weight Management


The Royal Weight Management Program

With the goal of promoting your self-confidence, happiness and physical fitness, our bariatric medicine specialists are going to be be your personal consultants throughout your weight management program. First, we will determine the underlying cause of your weight problems, then help you control your weight for better health and avoidance of complications from obesity.

Treatment begins with a through physical exam. You and your physician and nursing team will then map a program based on your current physical condition. A vital component of our program is not just controlling your weight through comprehensive educationon nutritionally balanced eating, but optimizing your body's metabolism to shrink fat cells. An anti-aging sports medicine physician will also help by disigning a personal exercise regime utilizing an advanced new weight control technology for a more effective program. At Bangkok Royal Life Anti-Aging Center, you will be taken care of by a multidisciplinary team of physicians for the kind of holistic management that yields maximum effectiveness and a long-lasting healthy body, mind and spirit.

“Better Health and Confidence”

Our specialists in obesity medicine will be your personal consultants for your weight management program. We will analyze cause of your weight problems and help you lose weight for better health and greater confidence. The result is a decreased risk of the many complications associated with weight and obesity. Anti-Aging sport physicians will also help you design your personal exercise routine for more effectively weight control. At Royal Life Anti-Aging Center, you are taken care of by a multidisciplinary team of physicians trained in holistic management for better health in both physically and mentally.