CAMTS & CAMTS GLOBAL: Safety Standards for Medical Transport Systems

CAMTS & CAMTS GLOBAL: Safety Standards for Medical Transport Systems

BDMS Emergency Services (BES) has received “Dual Medical Transport Accreditation two consecutive years by CAMTS and CAMTS Global as one of the top Evacuation Service Providers in the world for safety standards of medical transport systems in every mode – ground, sea as well as air – for transferring patients requiring critical care.   These services are ranked #2 in Asia and #3 in the world, and are also awarded #1 SURFACE: BOAT in the world. We are the first in Asia to be accredited in all categories of transportation.    

Under the supervision of our medical transport professional team, BDMS EMERGENCY SERVICES are accredited for medical transport systems of Emergency Critical Care and Specialty Care for ground, sea and air concurrently by two accreditation organizations:   

Moreover, we are the first in the world to be accredited for high standards of critical care sea transport, and the first in Asia to be accredited in all transportation categories.  

The BDMS Emergency Services (BES) that has received CAMTS-CAMTS Global dual accreditation consists of:

  1. Dispatch center and 13 hospital bases
  2. 3 fixed–wing aircrafts operated by MJet and Skymed Asia Co.,Ltd. 
  3. Emergency helicopters – Sky ICU (Roto wings) operated in cooperation with Bangkok Helicopter Services 
  4. Medical Escort Team to care for international patients while returning them home
  5. Surface Critical Care includes ambulances, 3 motorlances (medical emergency motorcycles), and hydrolances (medical boats) operating at Bangkok Samui Hospital under supervision of medical transport specialists. All are equipped with a tracking system for safety standards and real – time reporting to maintain maximum safety for the patients during transportation.

BDMS Emergency Services provides a 24-hour emergency response services with our team of medical specialists who are ready to offer consultation and initial advice for critical care as well as coordinating with the designated hospital for timely treatment.  You can be confident throughout this critical trip – whether it is by ground, sea, or air – about our team of critical care transport specialists and state-of-the-art equipment certified by CAMTS and CAMTS Global standards.  For our 24 hours emergency services, call 1724.