Endoscopic Thyroidectomy

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Endoscopic Thyroidectomy


“Advanced Technology leaves no neck scars”

Thyroid Nodules are abnormal growths in the Thyroid Gland and is a common condition throughout Thailand. It is more prevalent in women than men and is caused by:

  • Abnormal Thyroid growth

  • Cyst (s) in the Thyroid gland

  • Tumor, cancer (Thyroid)

In some cases, doctors may recommend treatment by traditional surgery.However, this will leave a scar around the neck area. This may cause some patients to lose confidence in terms of their personal appearance in social
situations. They may delay or even avoid surgical treatment altogether,leading to further complications in the future.
The Bangkok Eye & ENT Center was the first unit of a private hospital in Thailand to offer services in Endoscopic Thyroidectomy.

Surgeons can now remove the thyroid gland through an incision in the axilla, or armpit, thereby avoiding the large scar on the front of the neck caused by traditional thyroid surgery. 


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