“PRECISION MEDICINE” Discover Your Genes. Tailor Your Life.

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“PRECISION MEDICINE” Discover Your Genes. Tailor Your Life.


Your genetic makeup is unique and so is your health. Bangkok Hospital Headquarters have launch a special campaign “Precision Medicine: Discover Your Genes. Tailor Your Life” –  an innovative approach using genomic information to tailoring proactive healthcare plan covering well-being, prevention, diagnosis and treatment, allowing personalized care best suited for each individual. Genetic testing is performed in a genetic laboratory using cutting-edge genomic technology “Next-Generation Sequencing” supported by the most updated genomic database with accurate results analyzed by geneticists. During the press interview, DR. MATINEE MAIPANG (CEO – Group 1 and Bangkok Hospital Director) delivered her opening speech on Precision Medicine and Services at Bangkok Hospital Headquarters. In the event, other genetic-related topics involve: 

  • PGT-A: Rise up the chance of pregnancy
  • NIPT: Screen for genetic disorders to best guide your fetus’s health 
  • Genetic Test for Heart Diseases. Understand your risk. Ensure your heart’s health.
  • Comprehensive Genomic Profiling “Powerful genetic insights to guide efficient and personalized treatment”
  • Updates on genetic roles in wellness and lifestyle
  • Drug-Gene Profile Testing: Personalized medicines for your unique genetic makeup

For short film, please click: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zc7zXMopk7o&t=10s

For more information, please click: https://www.bangkokhospital.com/en/precision-medicine