Kidney Center

Kidney Center offers a comprehensive care to treat patients with renal diseases. Our advanced diagnostics and treatments supported by cutting-edge technology enable us to effectively treat a broad range of kidney conditions, including acute and chronic kidney diseases. Customized treatment for each patient is conducted by a multidisciplinary team consisting of highly experienced nephrologists, nurses, pharmacists and dieticians specialized in nephrology care while taking patient’s needs and preferences into consideration. In order to manage kidney diseases and to prevent the disease progression in the long-run, we have committed to provide appropriate treatments in conjunction with lifestyle modification and dietary change. In addition, services cover diagnosis and treatment of electrolyte imbalance that can potentially lead to serious complications, e.g. hypernatremia (high sodium concentration in the blood), hyponatremia (low sodium concentration in the blood), hyperkalemia (high potassium concentration in the blood) and hypokalemia (low potassium concentration in the blood).


A wide range of services include :

  • Blood tests to determine kidney function
  • Blood tests to identify possible complications caused by kidney diseases
  • Urine test to measure kidney function
  • Imaging tests to identify kidney abnormalities, e.g. renal ultrasound, CT scan (computed tomography), MRI scan (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and renal scan or nuclear renal imaging –the use of nuclear radioactive material to examine kidneys and assess their function.
  • Kidney biopsy or renal biopsy to diagnose a suspected kidney disease.

Comprehensive care for patients with kidney diseases

  • Determining and treating the cause of kidney diseases, such as diabetes, hypertension, nephritis (kidney inflammation), kidney cysts, kidney stones and proteinuria (protein leakage into the urine).
  • Treating complications induced by kidney diseases, such as electrolyte imbalance, mineral and bone disorders, metabolic abnormality and anemia.
  • Prolonging disease progression by dietary changes and lifestyle modification.
  • Compensating the loss of kidney function through hemodialysis using hemodialyzer and kidney transplant.

Hemodialysis services include :

  • Acute hemodialysis for acute kidney injuries
  • Chronic (long-term) hemodialysis for end-stage kidney failure
  • On-line hemodiafiltration – a hemodialysis technique that combines diffusive and convective transport using a high-flux dialyzer
  • Plasmapheresis or therapeutic plasma exchange – an extracorporeal removal of plasma from other components
  • Hemoperfusion –the circulation of anticoagulated blood through an extracorporeal circuit with a disposable, adsorbent-containing cartridge for toxin removal

Customized treatment plan :

In order to delay disease progression and prevent possible complications caused by kidney diseases, multidisciplinary care conducted by medical personnel highly specialized in kidney care acts as the key. Customized treatments will be provided based upon patient’s conditions and preferences while preserving kidney function and improving patient’s quality of life.    

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