Japan Medical Service (JMS)

Japan Medical Service (JMS), a Bangkok hospital specializing in Japanese, is the oldest Japanese medical service established in 1977 by Thai doctors who graduated from medical schools in Japan. Thai and Japanese doctors who graduated from Japanese medical schools, Japanese coordinators, and Japanese interpreters support your health in an environment different from that of Japan. In Thailand, where the climate, living environment, and language are different from those in Japan, stress tends to accumulate due to a variety of factors. Please feel free to consult with us about anything. 

Family Clinic

JMS has full-time “family doctors” who can treat not only the illnesses and symptoms you are suffering from, but also various other illnesses and symptoms. JMS physicians are graduates of Japanese medical schools and are well versed in Japanese medical conditions and practices. If you tell us about the environment surrounding you and your family and any emotional problems you may be experiencing, we can work together to develop a treatment plan. If specialized treatment is necessary, we will refer you to our trusted specialists.

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