Fertility Center

Have you ever wondered what it means to have a complete family? Is it a long-lasting love, stable career, or a loving home?  And have you ever felt your family life is still missing an important link that binds all of these factors together as one?  Imagine the soft and gentle breaths of the little priceless bundle of joy that will strengthen the bond between two people.


The Fertility Center at Bangkok Hospital was established with the aim to fulfill every couple’s dream by completing such family aspiration.  If you have tried to conceive for more than a year without success, then you are likely to be suffering from “infertility.”  This condition usually arises due to ovulation, fallopian tube or uterus problems.  It can also be the quality of the male’s sperms.  Although these issues are not considered diseases, they can become a drawback for a couple who wish to complete their ideal family by having children.


Our Strengths

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Our Technology

  • Intrauterine insemination (IUI)This is a suitable procedure for treating infertility in couples who do not have any physical problem.  On the wife’s ovulation day, the doctor will collect the husband’s sperms, select and cultivate healthy sperms for injecting into the wife’s uterus to increase the chances of conceiving.
  • In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)This is a convenient procedure which does not involve the use of anesthesia or surgery, but has almost the same success rate as Gamete Intrafallopian Transfer (GIFT).  During the procedure, mature eggs are retrieved through the vagina.  These eggs are combined with the husband’s sperm in a lab for fertilization.  The doctor will wait until the cell divides into 4-8 cells or until it reaches blastocyst stage before transferring the resulted embryo into the wife’s uterus.    
  • Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)This is suitable when the husband’s sperm count is so low that it cannot fertilize an egg on its own, or when there is no sperm at all but the testis can still produce sperms.  For this procedure, a micro-needle carrying a sperm will be injected into an egg, which will then be cultivated during blastocyst stage, before being transferred back into the wife’s uterus.


Our Services

  • Analyze and diagnose the main cause of infertility.  Generally, the problem is due to the lack of egg, blocked fallopian tube, or pelvic adhesion; along with weak male’s sperm.
  • Treat the main cause of infertility: for example, prescribing ovulation inducing drugs, performing a minimally invasive surgery or injecting sperm into the uterus.  However, if these treatments are still not successful, the specialist will consider other methods for treating infertility, such as IVF, etc.
  • Couples who get married later on in life have higher risks of miscarriages or conceiving babies with intellectual disability.  So, IVF and ICSI are suitable for couples who get married late or wish to delay raising a family.  They can consult our specialists about having their eggs and sperms frozen.
  • For women who also have issues with their reproductive system – for example, cysts in ovary, endometriosis, chocolate cysts, pelvic adhesion – our team of OB/GYN surgeons and multidisciplinary medical staff can provide treatment through a minimally invasive surgery, utilizing a laparoscope or robotic assistance.


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