Digital Smile Design

Now a day, the request of patients is changed. Having no biological and functional problems is not sufficient for dental patients anymore.

They desire beautiful smiles that are integrated with physical characteristic and emotional aspects. To achieve the successful treatment result, dental professional team should go beyond traditional dentistry and acquire communication which can fulfilled by the technology.Smile design process can increase the value perception of a dental treatment, it brings the patients connect to the dentist.

Patients could see what the result of new smile is. Consequently smile design creates better communication, more efficient and predictable treatment outcome, and Digital technology has now taken our attentions since it can virtually create all of that.

From 2D smile design to 3D smile design by using interdisciplinary software platform can help our dental professional team easily picture, understand, and design the restoration, from Surgical guide to temporary and final restorations according to the virtual plan. This technique not only minimize an intra oral adjustment and our dental routine job but also be an easily understand communication tool between dentist, dental technician and patient as well. So we can be a team who work together at the same page to create a magnificent.

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