Airport Services

Arrival Service

All Fly-in visitors can also request for Arrival service. Our Staff will standby at Arrival Gate, holding Name of Passenger then will escort them to the immigration (normal lane) and assist them in getting the baggages, Then again escort them to Bangkok Hospital Airport Counter to meet the welcoming team
For Arrival service, please provide your information in the same booking form of limousine booking.
Please contact our Concierge Department for more information.
* Transportation services may not be available at all airports and vehicle types are subject to availability. Advance reservations are highly suggested.
** Arrival service may not be available at all airports. Passengers are responsible to posses lawful travel documents as regulated by the entry policies of Thailand. We will not be responsible for processing entry / exit permits or reliable for visitors whose travel have been declined by the airport / travel authorities.

BFS Services

Pick-up Module

1st person

2nd person

3rd person 4th person
Arrival Service 700 THB / Person
Departure Service 900 THB / Person

Once the above conditions are accepted, the payment will be non-refundable. As we collect the fees after services have been provided, all payment has to be done by agent or the one who book the service in case of patient refuse to pay the fees.


  • Reservation is required at least 24 hrs. before arrival date.

  • Any Change or Cancellation of service must be informed at least 6 hours before arrival time.

Reservation Requirement

  • Reserve at least one day in advance (24 hours)

  • Additional or urgent case will depend on availability of the transportation provides by Samui Accom Limousine.

  • Provide Complete information ; Passenger Name, Number of pessengers, Number of luggaages, Flight Number, Arrival or Departure Date and Time, Accommodation name, Room No., Contact Number.

  • The Price rates can be changed without prior notice.

  • If  you need us to change or cancel your reservation, please inform us before your arrival/ departure date during our office hour 9.00 –  17.00 hrs.

For more information: Concierge Service
Daily 9.00 am. – 5.00 pm.
1st Floor, D Building, Bangkok Hospital
Call (+66) 2755 1064, (+66) 2755 1065,  (+66) 2310 3000 or 1719 (Local calls only)