Airport Services Associate

Airport Services Associate

Bangkok Hospital Airport Services Associate Counter is located next to Gate 5, International Arrival Hall Exit B on the 2nd floor of Suvarnabhumi Airport as picture shown below.

 Airport Services Associate 

Main Services:

  • Shuttle Service
    We offer ‘first come first serve’ complimentary shuttle van service from Suvarnabhumi airport to Bangkok Hospital as your comfort and peace of mind is of the utmost importance to us. Please click here for the shuttle schedule.
  • Limousine Service
    Patients and attendants whose their limousine booking with Concierge Department is confirmed, it is our pleasure to escort you to the car upon your arrival at the counter. 
  • Pre-registration and making/ changing Appointments
    If it is your first time visiting Bangkok Hospital, we can make you a pre-registration together with doctor’s appointment. For those who already have hospital number we can make or change appointments as per your requests.  
  • Departure Use Wheelchair
    Patients whose their departure limousine booking with Concierge Department is confirmed, and in need of wheelchair assistance, it is our pleasure to escort you from the car to check in counter.
  • Fit to Fly
    Patients who already requested Fit to Fly certificate from the doctor before discharge, if needed, we can help to print it out here to present to the airline.
  • Arrival Service
    All Fly-in visitors can also request for Arrival service. Our Staff will standby at Arrival Gate, holding Name of Passenger then will escort them to the immigration (normal lane) and assist them in getting the baggage, Then again escort them to Bangkok Hospital Airport Counter to meet the welcoming team. 

** Arrival service may not be available at all airports. Passengers are responsible to possess lawful travel documents as regulated by the entry policies of Thailand. We will not be responsible for processing entry / exit permits or reliable for visitors whose travel have been declined by the airport / travel authorities. Reservation is required at least 24 hours before arrival date by e-mail to Concierge Department; . Any Change or Cancellation of service must be informed at least 6 hours before arrival time. 

Airport Services Associate

BFS Services

Pick-up Module 

  • Arrival Service with Buggy 1,600 THB / Person
  • Arrival Service without Buggy 800 THB / Person
  • Departure Service 1,000 THB / Person

Once the above conditions are accepted, the payment will be non-refundable. As we collect the fees after services have been provided, all payment has to be done by agent or the one who book the service in case of patient refuse to pay the fees.

Airport Services Associate

Other Services:

  • Forget / Lost  Baggage or other belongings
  • Hotel Reservation 


Airport Services Associate Counter operates daily from 7:00 am. to 23:00 pm.

Contact Address:

Suvarnabhumi Airport, International Arrival Hall Exit B, Gate 5

Tel. (+662)-755-1737