EPi 1: Mor Prom Application and COVID-19 Vaccines in Thailand

Q: What is Mor Prom?

A: Mor Prom is an application launched by the Ministry of Public Health, Thailand to allow the residents to access vaccination services, including vaccine reservation and tracking as well as updated information on COVID-19. It also includes a feature that enables post-vaccination monitoring to check for side effects. People, as registered, could get their jabs at any hospital they already have a record of having been treated or any hospital with social security contract.


Q: Who can register in Mor Prom Application for making a vaccine reservation as the first priority?

A: The prioritized groups include:

  1. The elderly aged over 60.
  2. Patients with 7 underlying diseases, including:
    •  Chronic respiratory disease, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and uncontrolled asthma
    • Cardiovascular disease
    • Chronic kidney disease, such as end-stage renal disease (ESRD)
    • Neurovascular disease, such as stroke
    • Cancer
    • Diabetes
    • Obesity (weight > 100 kilograms or BMI > 35 kg/m2)


Q: After registration, when can I be vaccinated?

A: For Thai or eligible residents, registration and vaccine reservation start from 1 May 2021. This batch continues until 7 June 2021.


Q: When can other people, besides the elderly and patients with 7 conditions, register and make a reservation for vaccines?

A:  Other group can register and reserve COVID-19 vaccines from 1 July 2021 onwards. And vaccination can be administered from 1 August 2021.    


Q: What are channels used to reserve vaccination?

A: To register and reserve the vaccines, there are currently 2 options:

  1. Mor Prom LINE official account or application
  2. Healthcare workers or hospitals in regional areas


Q: How are the lists of eligible people sent to Mor Prom system?   

A: The lists of people who are eligible for vaccination are obtained from government and private hospitals in Thailand. The inclusion criteria involve the current status of treatment received in the hospitals. Particularly for Bangkok Hospital Headquarters, required information of patients aged over 60 and patients with 7 disease group with active status in the last 3 years (from May 2018 – May 2021) have been collected and submitted to the health authorities for registration in Mor Prom system as instructed. 


Q: After registration, where can I receive vaccination service?

A: Eligible citizens can receive their vaccination in their current hospitals (both government and private ones), hospitals of residence or vaccine centers in field hospitals as specified on Mor Prom application. If you prefer to receive COVID-19 vaccines at Bangkok Hospital Headquarters, vaccination services can be scheduled from 7 June – 31 July, 2021.


Q: If my name is missing on Mor Prom application, what should I do?

A: If your name is missing, it is recommended to seek assistance from the current hospital that you have been treated with. The hospitals are responsible to submit the eligible name lists for vaccine registration on Mor Prom system. In case that you, after registration, are appointed to receive vaccination in another hospital (not Bangkok Hospital Headquarters) as indicated by Mor Prom system, we recommend you to receive vaccination service as shown on the system.         



Q: If I am an existing patient of Bangkok Hospital Headquarters and eligible for the vaccination, what should I do if my name is missing on  Mor Prom application?  

A: There might be technical errors during uploading data. In this case, please contact us via Tel. 02-308-7171 during 08.00 a.m. – 08.00 p.m.   


Q: After the registration is completed, what should I do if vaccine reservation cannot be proceeded and the system shows no information is detected?

A: For the first batch, vaccination service at Bangkok Hospital Headquarters is available from 7 June – 31 July, 2021. If the system shows no information is detected, the reason often involves date selection which does not match with provided service slots. In case that date is correctly selected but the system still shows the same massage, please delete the application and re-download it again. There might be technical issues related to updated versions of the application.


Q: How many cases can Bangkok Hospital Headquarter serve per day?

A: Services can be provided up to 1,000 cases / day.


Q: Which vaccines will be available at Bangkok Hospital Headquarters?

A: As of May, 2021, there is no official confirmation made by health authorities in regards to which brands from which manufacturers will be available in private hospitals including Bangkok Hospital Headquarters. As soon as an official confirmation is obtained, you will be instantly informed accordingly via our official communication channels including website and LINE official account. 


Q: Can international patients of Bangkok Hospital Headquarters, being domestic expatriates, get vaccination?

A: Since the national identification numbers present as a 13-digit codes are compulsorily required for Mor Prom registration, foreign citizens without these codes cannot be registered at this moment. However, international expatriates who have work permits and taxation identification numbers (a 13-digit code) can be registered. Please stay updated, regulations and terms can be adjusted once formal policies are established.


Q: Can I be revaccinated with other brands of vaccine in the future if they become available?

A: Based upon currently available information obtained from clinical studies, additional vaccinations might be considered, especially in exceptional situations, despite the fact that neither additional benefits nor unwanted side effects have been indicated.


Q: Besides vaccines provided from the government, has Bangkok Hospital Headquarters planned for alternative vaccines to serve private sectors?

A: Recently, Bangkok Hospital Headquarter has not had alternative vaccines available for our customers, as misreported in the social media in early May 2021. However, there will be more updates through our official channels, e.g. website, Facebook and Line official account.


Q: Can I normally resume my daily life and activity  after completing vaccination? 

A: After completing vaccination, our immune system will be activated to produce antibodies to protect ourselves from infections. To reach full immunity against COVID-19, it takes 2-3 weeks after the last shot is administered. Nonetheless, there might be a chance of getting COVID-19 infection during this period of time, leading to illness which ranges from mild to fatal. The vaccines do not only reduce the chance of infection, but they also help to mitigate disease severity and reduce mortality rate in case a person becomes infected. More importantly, to minimize the risk of infection while keeping the disease confined, everyone should strictly abide by preventive measures, including wearing a face mask at all times while in public, frequent handwashing with soap or hand sanitizer and maintaining social distancing.