B With You

B With You

Be Confident in Every Step of Your Surgery

B With You, a system designed to track patients’ movements from before surgery to completion of the procedure, to help put the patients and their families or loved ones at ease. The system also offers patients advice that includes precautions and other useful health information on how to be prepared before, during, and after their surgery.

 B With You has features that cover every important detail such as:

  • Patient’s status
    You will know the status of every step from before any treatment, before the procedure in the operating room or recovery room, to the conclusion of the procedure or when the surgery is completed.  Moreover, you will be able to track, in real-time, the patient’s location as well as the department in the hospital on the day of the surgery, so that you can contact our staff at any time should you have any question.
  • Preparation
    Precautions prior to the surgery, detailed preparations before your procedure, and advice for afterwards.
  • Health information
    Stay updated with the latest health information and diseases, so you can be prepared and handle it in time.
  • Contact our staff
    If you have any question or query, you can contact our staff at anytime.

How to use B With You 

  • How to start
  • Who can use B With You
  • How to change language


How to start

  1. You will receive your password via SMS / Line message or email.  Then, you can access to B With You system through your mobile phone, tablet or computer anywhere that has internet access.  
  2. After you filled in your password, you will be asked to give consent to disclose your information.  

Now you can easily use your B With You!    


Who can use B With You

At Bangkok Hospital, your confidentiality is of our utmost importance.  We will send B With You link to patients only, and it is the patients who will decide to whom they will forward the link.  You can be assured every time you use our service that your medical information is well-protected.


How to change language

You can change the language by clicking at the icon on the top right corner.  B With You supports Thai (TH) and English (EN) languages.