B In Touch

B In Touch

Receive Care with Ease from Bangkok Hospital

Put your mind at ease when you need to treatment at Bangkok Hospital. B in touch was designed for patients and loved ones to access all the fine details on your healthcare from treatment plan, progress, details, to service fees and beneficial health information for a successful hospital stay at Bangkok Hospital.

B In Touch comes with features that covers the important details:

  • Patient status
    Get an update on the patient’s current status until they are already to go home.
  • Medical needs
    Patients may select the care they want from our team of medical specialists and professional nurses.
  • Daily routine
    Show the patient’s daily routine so they can select visiting hours and do not disturb time
  • Medical Team
    Know who is on team you! See the names of doctors, nurses, and administrators who are involved in your care. Feel free to comment and rate them as you see fit.
  • Messaging
    Patients, family members or friends may leave messages by sending texts or images to the medical team
  • Treatment Fees
    Patients, family members or friends can inquire about hospital fees in real-time and inquire about any concern.
  • General information
    Patients, family members or friends can review information to provide proper care for the patient and contact the necessary unit via telephone immediately.