Inspectra CXR: AI Doctor Assistant

Inspectra CXR: AI Doctor Assistant

An important bottleneck in the medical field is that patients receive diagnosis and treatment too slow because there are not enough radiologists and radiology technologists. This is why artificial intelligence (AI) plays a crucial role, particularly Inspectra CXR, the intelligen doctor assistant that can analyze abnormal chest x-rays accurately, quickly, and precisely. It does not only help doctors with precise diagnosis but it also gives patients confidence in the quality of their care.

AI Technology for Radiologists

Radiologic images come in differernt forms and they are integral to diagnosis and treatment follow-ups. Thus, radiologists have their hands full, including the various limitations that may lead to wrong diagnosis, such as technical limitations of 2D chest x-rays that may hide abnormalities due to shadows from other organs, small foci below detection limit, fatigue of radiologists, etc.

This innovative AI solves the problem for radiologists because it can interpret images automatically without any command. The results will appear immediately on the radiologist’s screen. It has been designed to work smoothly with the various IT systems in each hospital. It is also capable of remote access including mobile x-ray units.

AI Doctor Assistant Insprectra CXR

Inspectra CXR is an AI software that was developed to increase the efficiency of radiologists. The software has been trained to have high sensitivity to detect abnormalities in chest x-rays and indicate the position as well as detect small lesions or abnormalities that may be on top of another organ.

The AI software helps radiologists reach a decision quicker with less errors. Inspectra CXR is an AI software that has similar efficiency as the best AI’s on the world stage. It has been trained with more than 1.5 million high quality X-rays from around the world, with more than 40% belonging to Thais. Inspectra CXR uses algorithms that cover most conditions in conjunction with other technologies that meet hospital’s requirements, such as robust and secure architecture and advanced data management, which make Inspectra CXR the platform that sets new standards in radiologic diagnostics.

AI Inspectra CXR Features

  • Radiologist assistant AI
  • Comprehensive abnormality detection
  • Uncover abnormalities on chest x-rays
  • Accurate interpretation
  • Reduced errors
  • Patients receive timely treatment
  • Prioritize urgency for patients who need immediate results

Inspectra CXR at Bangkok Hospital

Inspectra CXR technology was developed by Thais. Diagnosis of conditions that particularly affect Thais is highly accurate and precise. Therefore, Bangkok Hospital chooses Inspectra CXR because the use of AI to analyze images and give results has been accepted by radiologists as relevant Most importantly, the AI system can connect to the hospital system to protect patient data safely.

Today, AI technology has changed the world for the better. It will continue to play a beneficial role in various fields of medicine and has been accepted worldwide that it is useful. Bangkok Hospital understands the importance and is visionary to apply this AI technology for the advancement of patient care, be it bringing in AI to assist radiologists in uncovering difficult abnormalities that may not be detected by human eyes or by bringing technology to improve doctor’s efficiency and capacity to service patients.