Women Over 40!! Why are they at Risk of Hernia?

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Women Over 40!! Why are they at Risk of Hernia?


Hernias in Women… occur when organ mainly small intestine pushes / or protrudes through a weakened spot in the abdominal wall. The most common sign is the presence of a bulge or lump in the groin, femoral triangle, diaphragm, umbilicus, pelvic floor area or surgical incision which is not properly closed such as perineal incision after delivery. The related symptoms include pain or discomfort (usually at lower abdomen), burning or aching sensation at the site of bulge. Acid reflux with heartburn (as same as gastroesophageal regurgitation) might be additionally presented. Hernias could be clearly felt while standing up, coughing or sneezing. The trigger factors to aggravate symptoms are strain during bowel movement from constipation, lifting heavy objects or activities those need the strength from abdominal muscle contraction such as sit-ups.


If hernia is left untreated, the size of protruding intestine might get bigger and become strangulated leading to the reduction of blood flow to surrounding tissue. Severe complications might include bowel obstruction and necrotizing enterocolitis (severe inflammation of intestines). 

If a bulge or lump has been found in the suspected area, do NOT wait. Medical attention is highly advised in order to accurately diagnose “hernia” and receive appropriate and timely treatments.




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