Liver disease surgery

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Liver disease surgery



First of all thanks to God. Next, I first met Ass. Prof. Supreecha Asavakarn, M.D. in person on September 10, 2021. Then I explained my health condition. He recommended me to have blood tests and an MRI test. He precisely explained the results of laboratory and MRI tests to me and diagrammed complicated concepts while helping me to make difficult decisions since the liver tumor is located at the caudate lobe of the liver, sized 11.10 x 8 .5 x 9.5 cm.

He explained to me that he could completely remove the liver tumor surgically. After discussion, he made an appointment for surgery on September 12, 2021. On the day of surgery, he spent 6 hours to complete the operation. When I woke up 30 minutes after surgery from anesthesia, I found the doctor standing in front of me and he told me that he had removed the tumor, but I did not feel any pain at the time.

Ass.Prof. Supreecha Asavakarn, M.D. was very close to his patients and he visited me every day after surgery. He asked me how I felt. He cured me from my illness.
He was never too busy to take my calls when I was stressed and feeling bad at day and night time or whenever I needed support. His gentle and calm manner is soothing to subside my fear.
As a result, he is a tireless doctor who treats my illness.
I am so lucky to have a doctor like him who saved my life. After the operation, I did not feel any pain other than the wound. Finally, I would like to thank all doctors participated during my surgery, nurses, GI & Liver doctor (Panida Thong U-Thaisri, M.D.), health care workers and more for making sacrifices to commit to save my life.

Thank you very much again
From Samuel Gebremedhin
Patient of Bangkok Hospital.

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