Choose The Right Sunscreen for Your Children

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Choose The Right Sunscreen for Your Children


Excessive sunlight is harmful to your skin.  It’s even more harmful for your children’s delicate skin.  Therefore, sunscreen or sunblock is necessary, especially if you will be exposed to sunlight for a long period of time. The ultraviolet ray can darken the skin as well as cause sunburn.  This is a risk for skin cancer.  Hence, regular use of sunscreen or sunblock when playing outdoors will help protect your children’s skin and keep them healthy.

Choosing the right sunscreen is what parents should know to help protect their children’s skin.  Here are some tips:

Sunscreens for Babies over 6 Months Old

Start using sunscreen for babies over 6 months old. Younger baby skins are too delicate and sensitive and sunscreen may cause allergic reactions, irritation and the chemical additives may get absorbed into the skin.

Babies under 6 Months Should Not Be Exposed to Sunlight

Newborns and babies under 6 months old should avoid direct sunlight, especially during 10.00-16.00 hrs.  If you need to take him/her outdoor, use long-sleeves clothes, long pants, wide-brimmed hats, sunglasses and an umbrella.

Physical Sunscreen Protects Your Baby’s Skin

Babies over 6 months old can use physical sunscreen which reflects UV rays. Its ingredients, mainly Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide, are safe and will not penetrate into their skin. Since there are lots of products in the market, parents should read the label carefully.

Use Sunscreen Formulated ‘For Kids’

Choose the products that are formulated “for kids” only in order to avoid harmful ingredients.  Choose a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.  In addition, waterproof sunscreen will provide better protection.

ครีมกันแดด เลือกใช้ให้ถูกลูกน้อยไม่แพ้

Watch Out for Allergic Reactions

Many children are allergic to chemical mixtures in the sunscreen.  Such reactions include:

  • Dry skin
  • Irritation
  • Rashes
  • Itchiness
  • Rashes tend to occur where irritants had been applied.

If your baby has such condition, please contact your pediatrician immediately as it is uncomfortable for him/her. If left untreated, it may cause irritability, which may affect his/her daily routine and development.  It’s summertime, so every parent should be well-prepared and choose the right sunscreen for your little one to keep him/her skin healthy.

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