Safety Guidelines for Allergy Shots (Immunotherapy)

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Safety Guidelines for Allergy Shots (Immunotherapy)


  1. Avoid allergy shots if you are feeling sick, in pain, or feeling weary. Also if you have fever, sore throat, having stomach pain, diarrhea, and if you have not slept the previous night.

  2. Do not exercise 2 hours before or after the allergy shot/s

  3. During inoculation, if you have taken Beta Blockers please inform your attending physician

  4. After inoculation, there is a 30 minute observation period. (any adverse allergic reactions will occur during this time)

  5. Please be on time for the appointment (allowing 30 minutes before the center closes)

  6. Bring any allergy medicine you may be using on the day.


  • Points 1 and 2 are with regards to preventing any adverse reactions

  • Point 3 this information is important in case of any complications and can help in determining the suitability of any further medication your doctor might prescribe

  • Point 4- allergic reactions can include tears, itching, coughs, and tightness in the chest area

  • If the appointment is changed or moved, you are able to reschedule at your convenience


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