Pros and Cons of Gender-affirming Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Pros and Cons of Gender-affirming Hormone Replacement Therapy


Although hormone replacement therapy can help fulfill your desired gender, it has both advantages and disadvantages.  It can be harmful to your body if you do not get the right information.  It is important that you consult and follow a specialist’s advice closely when you decide to have the treatment.   


How many kinds of hormones treatment are there?

There are 3 kinds of hormones replacement therapy:

  1. Intramuscular Injection
  2. Topical medication 
  3. Oral medication

Pros and Cons of Masculinizing Hormone

This female-to-male hormone therapy is testosterone.  The most popular ones are the intramuscular injection and skin gel.  Oral medication is not recommended.   

Types of Hormones



Injection every 2 weeks (adjustable on a case-by-case basis)

  • Easy to adjust dose
  • Level of hormones fluctuates at the beginning of week 1 and end of week 2 before next injection
  • May cause side effects when adjust dosage of hormones.
  • May cause mood swings

Injection every 3 months

  • Stable hormone levels
  • No need for frequent injection 
  • Painful injection due to high dosage

Topical Medication 

  • Stable hormones level
  • No need for any injection
  • Daily administration 
  • May cause skin irritation 
  • Can be transferred to others via skin-to-skin contact

Oral Medication

  • Easy to use
  • May have problem absorbing the medicine
  • Unstable hormones level
  • May have side effects on liver function


Pros and Cons of Feminizing Hormone

This male-to-female hormone therapy is estrogen.  Each type of application has different advantages and disadvantages.  The most popular ones are topical and oral medications.

Type Hormones




  • No need for frequent injection
  • Level of hormones does not depend on digestive system
  • Level of hormones may exceed the normal level during an initial treatment
  • Pain at site of injection

Topical Medication

  • Stable hormone levels
  • Does not irritate liver function
  • Reduce risks of blood clot
  • May cause minor skin irritation

Oral Medication

  • Easy to adjust dosage
  • Easy to use
  • Daily intake
  • May have effects on liver function
  • Increase risks of blood clot

How does hormone replacement therapy affect your body?

After the treatment, your body will gradually change.  For a transman, you will experience body and facial hair growth, deeper voice, no periods, muscles strength, etc.  For a transwoman, your breasts will become enlarged, you may experience hair loss, smaller physique, higher pitch voice, smoother skin, etc.   Each person will experience different changes which need to be under the care of a specialist, and you must attend every scheduled follow-up.

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