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Given Bangkok Hospital’s vision for technological innovation we are proud to present the ROBODOCTOR or Remote Presence System specifically designed to enhance efficiency in treatment processes. Patients are able to get access to treatment promptly whilst increasing the chances of a proper standard of medical care in the absence of a medical professional.

The Bangkok Hospital network is fulfilling its vision of technology oriented medical services with new innovations from the United States implemented in three of its hospitals: Bangkok Hospital (Soonvijai Rd.), Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, and Bangkok Hospital Phuket. The robodoctor helps to increase efficiency of several processes including prompt response, ability to hold face-to-face Q & A, as well as exchange treatment information.

Bangkok Hospital recognizes that access to immediate treatment significantly increases patient safety, for example with stroke patients which require treatment within 3 hours. The Robodoctor or Remote presence System from the United States helps to facilitate this process and has been certified by the wider medical community and has been used in the United States, Canada, Asia, and Europe. Keeping up-to-date with technological trends is one of the main methods Bangkok Hospital utilizes in its goal of becoming the medical hub of the region.

The function of the ROBODOCTOR is to optimize patient treatment. This innovation is well equipped to deal with issues pertaining to the brain and nervous system such as cases of stroke. It is suitable for areas where specialized medical expertise may not be easy to access. The medical expert can meet the patient face-to-face through the ROBODOCTOR’s frontal camera which is able to take pictures, record, and send information instantly. This facilitates the diagnosis and treatment of the patient, especially in the cases of stroke where timeliness can be pivotal to a patient’s full recovery and treatment.


Technology utilized by the hospital includes the Remote Presence System, an information technology that integrates data, voice, VDO, and web. This linked system facilitates communication between Hub Hospital and Spoke Hospital to improve collaboration, efficiency, and positive treatment results while reducing operating costs.

Hub Hospital installs a control station composed of a desktop or laptop and Sure Connect software to facilitate communication, exchange of information, as well as record medically relevant data.

fdHub Hospital installs ControlStation composed of a desktop or laptop and Sure Connect software to facilitate communication, exchange of information, as well as record medically relevant data and uses a Joystick controlled by medical specialist at the Spoke Hospital to command the robot’s every move.

Spoke Hospital utilizes Remote Presence Endpoint Technology specifically the RP7i Robot which stands at 165 cm and possesses a 15 inch screen to provide a clear picture to the medical consultant at Hub. It also real-time audio and visual information that is sent from Spoke to the Hub and uses an Auto-dock chargeable battery system.


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