QRS PelviCenter

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QRS PelviCenter


The QRS PelviCenter is a medical device which automatically trains the Pelvic Floor Muscles (PFM) by generating magnetic stimulation. A strong homogenous magnetic field is able to penetrate deeply into the pelvic and thereby to stimulate all surrounding nerves and train all relevant muscles.

Consequently, the result is a significant improvement in strength and coordination of pelvic muscles resulting in better control of urinary incontinence.

Non-invasive | Highly effective | Pain-free | No-side effect | No medication needed

New treatment option for malfunctioning of pelvic floor muscles

  • Urinary Incontinence
    Common problem found in elderly, obese women, post-delivery or post-menopause women which pelvic floor muscles get stretched and weaker, thus urethra cannot be closed completely
  • Overactive Bladder
    Caused from abnormality of nervous system and bladder muscles leading to frequent contraction, resulting in nocturia and urinary urgency.
  • Sexual Impairment
  • Men with weak pelvic floor muscles suffer from weak erection, premature ejaculation and decrease in ejaculatory force.
  • Women suffer from lack of strength of vaginal muscles and reduced blood flow to the genitals.
  • Low Back Pain
    Pelvic floor dysfunction affects spinal nerves and weight of upper body cannot be supported properly leading to low back pain.

“Stay Dry and Enjoy Your Freedom”

Freedom of Life

  • Worry-free from cough/laugh/sneeze
  • Enjoy life after giving birth
  • Improve social confidence

Freedom of Movement

  • Facilitate daily movement
  • No more lower back pain
  • Enjoy “exercising”

Freedom of Sex

  • Enhance ejaculatory force
  • Increase intensity of orgasm
  • Strengthen cervical muscle

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