Laser PVP: Treatment for Enlarged Prostate

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Laser PVP: Treatment for Enlarged Prostate


What is Laser PVP Treatment

Laser PVP Surgery is a treatment for an enlarged prostate by using high-power laser to directly attack and vaporizes the tissue that blocks the urine flow.     

The Advantage of Laser PVP

  • Less pain
  • Less blood loss
  • Short recovery time.  Patients can return to their daily routine within 2-3 days. High-impact activities such as heavy lifting or exercise can resume within 4-6 weeks depending on each individual case.
  • Less chance for complication
  • Same result as standard treatment 

Limitations of Laser PVP Treatment

  • Tissue biopsy is not available for histological examination since it has been vaporized.

Who is Suitable for Laser PVP

  • Seniors or patients with conditions that require continuous blood thinner medication. 
  • Patients who need quick recovery to return to their daily routine.

Thulium Laser Treatment

Thulium Laser Vaporesection of the Prostate is another type of laser treatment. The difference is that the enlarged prostate can be preserved for histological examination.

Thulium laser treatment gives the same results as laser PVP with the added advantage of the ability to collect tissue biopsy from the procedure. This is good for patients who have high risk of prostate cancer and need further examination. Since the laser does not damage the deeper tissue layers, it can also be used to treat urethral fibrosis.  

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