Hormone Therapy: What You Need to Know

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Hormone Therapy: What You Need to Know


Gender is all about differences in desire which can be expressed in any way. If you want to be a transgender, taking hormones is very popular to begin with.  Hence, it is important to have a good understanding before using it, as the negative effect of misuse or misconduct is immense.  

The differences between male and female hormones

Everybody has both male and female hormones in their body.  Feminizing hormones, the estrogen will cause breast tissue to grow, make hips wider, redistribute body fat to develop female body shape, soften the skin, and less bodily hair.  Masculinizing hormone, the testosterone will have impact on facial and body hair growth, bigger muscles, deeper voice, lack of menstruation, and form the Adam’s Apple, etc.  

Why transgenders need hormone replacement therapy?

People who are in the process of transitioning gender tneed the hormone replacement therapy in order to suppress their natural hormone and to boost the hormones that will help their body better align with their chosen gender identity. Each person has different physique and health risks or contraindication to use hormones. These include blood clot and certain types of cancer, therefore, they need to consult an experienced specialist for your own safety.  Moreover, there are different types of hormones replacement.  Each is suitable for different conditions.  The specialist will evaluate risks and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each type to choose the right one for you, as well as discuss options to preserve gametes in order to restore fertility after treatment.

What is transgender hormone therapy?

These hormones are identical chemically to those our bodies produce naturally.  They are used to shape and form the body of transgender to their desired sex and boost their confidence.  Therefore, they not only improve their body but also their mind.


How many options for transgender hormone therapy?

Mainly there are 2 options:

  1. Masculinizing Hormone is a female-to-male hormone therapy which adjusts the female assigned physique at birth to male body by using testosterone.  
  2. Feminizing Hormone is a male-to-female hormone therapy which adjusts the male assigned physique at birth to female body by using estrogen.  In this case, the transgender person will still have male testicles. Thus, they will also need testosterone suppressing medications.

When can I get transgender hormone therapy?

You need to consult with a specialist for a checkup to evaluate risks, advantages, disadvantages, how to preserve your gametes before starting your treatment.  Anyone who wishes to become a transgender can start the treatment as early as they hit puberty.  In this case, they will be prescribed puberty blockers to stop the body from making sex hormones, then estrogen will be added for male-to-female transgender, or testosterone will be added to female-to-male transgender.  This process can start as soon as the person reaches 16 years of age or younger, depending on the specialist’s evaluation.     

Can birth control pills help gender affirmation?

No!  Many trans people buy birth control pills on their own to try to transgress.  The truth is birth control pills are designed to prevent women from becoming pregnant, reduce menstrual cramps, and manage heavy periods.  Therefore, they are not designed to be the replacement hormones as estrogen in the birth control pills are in the form of Ethinyl Estradiol (EE) which increases risks of blood clot.  Using high dose of EE for a long time may damage cardiovascular system and harm your body.  It is important you consult a specialist to have a safe and desired outcome.   

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