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When you suffer from bloating or abdominal discomfort for no reason and the symptoms still remain even after treatments, Hydrogen Breath Test (HBT) can help you discover the root cause.  The test not only provides in-depth diagnosis, but is also safe and easy to administer.  This helps reassure the patient of accurate results that will lead to appropriate treatment.

What Is Hydrogen Breath Test?

Hydrogen Breath Test (HBT) is a medical test that examines whether or not there is any issue with how the body digests sugar or carbohydrate.  It uses sugar from fruits (fructose) and from milk (lactose) as test agents, to determine sugar intolerance in patients.  In addition, the test helps diagnose abnormal bacteria growth in the small intestine that leads to problems in the abdominal cavity, allowing the actual root cause of the condition to be discovered.

Who Should Undergo Hydrogen Breath Test?

  • A person who suffers from bloating or abdominal discomfort but does not respond to treatments.
  • A person who belches or passes gas frequently.
  • A person who suffers from abdominal tightness without known cause.
  • A person who has diarrhea after drinking milk.

What are the Steps Involved in Hydrogen Breath Test?

The Hydrogen Breath Test procedure involves having the patient blow into a test bag before drinking a sugary drink, after which the patient will blow 3 – 9 times into another test bag.  The duration of the test is about 3 – 4 hours, and the patient can resume normal routine afterwards.

Hydrogen Breath Test ค้นหาตัวการท้องอืดแน่นท้อง

How to Prepare for A Hydrogen Breath Test?

  • 1 month before the test, stop taking all types of antibiotic and laxative. 
  • 1 day before the test, do not consume anything except white bread, white rice, boil eggs, potatoes, chicken, or boiled or baked fish – all flavored only with salt and pepper – tea or black coffee without milk or sugar, and plain water.
  • 12 hours before the test, stop eating and drinking completely.
  • 2 hours before the test, cleanly brush teeth.
  • 1 hour before the test, do not fall asleep nor perform any exercise – both before and during the test.
  • At least 1 hour before as well as during the test, no chewing gums nor candy; stop smoking and avoid cigarette smoke. 

Side-Effects of Hydrogen Breath Test

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Stomachache or discomfort during the test
  • Some soft stool during the test.

What Are the Benefits of Hydrogen Breath Test?

  • Enables doctors to accurately diagnose the condition.
  • Easy to administer, safe and worry-free. 

Your Hydrogen Breath Test Expert

Dr. Prapat Samitisatian, experienced physician specializing in gastroenterology, GI and Liver Center, Bangkok Hospital.

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GI and Liver Center at Bangkok Hospital is ready to care for patients who have gastrointestinal tract issues.  If you have persistent heartburn, stomachache or bloating, you can receive an accredited Hydrogen Breath Test from our team of specialists and multidisciplined medical staff.

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