How great would it be if you could discover and understand your child's potential from early childhood?

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How great would it be if you could discover and understand your child's potential from early childhood?


How much do you understand your child?

Why is your child stubborn, hard to deal with, disobedient, too attached to their friends, addicted to gaming, inattentive at school, unconfident, timid,aggressive, lacking in attention, and exhibiting a low level of development
when compared to other kids of the same age? How can you best raise your child?

How great would it be if you could discover and understand your child’s potential beginning in childhood?

Today, you can learn more about the identity of your child by analyzing his or her development from the time that they are one month old to five years. This is an important and formative period in the development of children,
particularly in promoting their strengths. One can discover what they are good at, find an ability that they can develop to their full potential, with the help of pediatric specialists with expertise in child development and behavior who will work with parents to assess their children using accurate standardized tools such as:

  1. An early childhood screening program to detect whether a child is undergoing normal or delayed

  2. A program for measuring the developmental level of children of different ages to determine their

  3. A program for measuring the developmental level of children of different ages, for instance theirmanagement skills, pre-academic skills, and learning skills, to determine their aptitudes.

We measure the development of each child to determine their aptitude in five particular areas, namely:

  • Intelligence (cognitive composite score)

  • Use of gross motor skills and fine motor skills

  • Visual reception: the ability to receive visual information for problem solving

  • The use of language (receptive language)

  • Understanding of language (receptive language)

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We measure children's management skills to assess their abilities such as

  • Planning

  • Flexibility (shift)

  • Emotional control

  • Inhibition control

  • Memory to store information to be applied later (working memory)

We provide advice on how to develop specific factors leading to a child’s success and happiness, called the 7Q factors, including

  • Intelligence quotient, indicating intelligence and brain development

  • Emotional quotient, indicating emotional intelligence, children’s ability to understanding their own emotions and others, and the ability to create happiness for themselves.

  • Social quotient, indicating social skills and the ability to live happily with

  • Moral quotient, indicating ethical responsibility and one’s personal sense of

  • Adversity quotient, indicating the ability to solve problems and face

  • Creativity quotient, indicating a child’s creativity, imagination, and ability to formulate new

  • Health quotient, indicating a child’;s health and quality of

Promoting strengths and reducing weaknesses.

After the assessment, the doctor will interpret the areas in which the child excels and what kinds of activities he or she prefers; the doctor will then give advice on how to raise a child in a way that matches his or her emotional level and aptitude at each growing stage, thus promoting the child’s individualized development (tailor-made). This will help the child find happiness according to his or her abilities, enabling the child to successfully encounter the wider world as he or she continues to grow.

In cases when a lower level of development than normal is found in an individual child, the child’s development can be facilitated and reinforced by an expert team of child and adolescent psychiatrists, pediatric specialists in
child development and behavior, occupational therapists, clinical psychologists and developmental psychologists who utilize techniques of therapeutic play, speech therapists, and special educators, who will assist in
adjusting a child’s behavior toward appropriate patterns through training activities that children will enjoy without thinking that they are being pushed to join, which might make them resist.

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