Common Eye Conditions During Songkran Holiday

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Common Eye Conditions During Songkran Holiday


The Songkran holiday season is a very busy time, and when accidents happen, we often take a wait and see approach. Now this strategy may work for some medical issues, but eye problems need to be evaluated right away. Delaying treatment for injuries, infections and sudden vision changes can result in vision loss.

3 common eye conditions during Songkran holiday

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1) Conjunctivitis (red or pink eye)

It is an inflammation or infection of the transparent membrane (conjunctiva) that lines your eyelid and covers the white part of your eyeball. It is commonly caused by a bacterial or viral infection. Symptoms are redness in one or both eyes, itchiness, tearing, and discharge that forms a crust during the night. Wash your hands regularly, specifically before cleaning your eyes. If the symptoms does not clear up after 1-2 days, consult a doctor right away.


2) Corneal ulcer 

Your cornea can be scratched by contact with dust, dirt, sand, wood shavings, metal particles, contact lenses or even the edge of a piece of paper. Most corneal ulcers are caused by viral or bacterial infections. Bacterial infections are common in people who wear contact lenses. Symptoms include pain, redness, gritty feeling in the eye, sensitivity to light, tearing, and white round spot on the cornea. Usually, a superficial ulcer heals in 1 week. A deep ulcer may affect the vision. If you notice any change in vision, consult a doctor immediately.


3) Hordeolum (sty)

A hordeolum is a localized infection or inflammation of the eyelid margin. It is caused by an infection of oil glands in the eyelid. You are at increased risk of a hordeolum if you: touch your eyes with unwashed hands or insert your contact lenses without thoroughly disinfecting them or washing your hands first. Symptoms include a red lump on the eyelid, pain, swelling, and tearing. If you have these symptoms, you should consult a doctor right away. In some cases, it is required to make a small cut in the hordeolum to drain the pus. This helps speed the healing process and relieve the pain and swelling.

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Protecting your eyes during Songkran holiday

Songkran holiday is an exciting time of the year for everyone. Here are some tips to protect your eyes during this holiday.

  1. Do not wear contact lenses when making a splash
  2. Wear eyeglasses
  3. If dust or dirty water gets into your eye, rinse your eye with clean water
  4. Always wash your hands before touching your eyes
  5. After the water fights, if there are any symptoms, consult a doctor right away



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