CHECKLIST: Are You at Risk for Sleep Apnea?

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CHECKLIST: Are You at Risk for Sleep Apnea?


Sleep apnea is one of the leading causes of sleep disorder that can lead to serious illnesses.  STOP-BANG is a self-test questionnaire you can perform to determine whether you stop breathing while you sleep, so you are better prepared to handle the condition.

If you score 3 or more on STOP-BANG questionnaire, you are considered to be at risk of sleep apnea.

1) Snoring: 1) Snoring: Do you snore loudly?

2) Tired: Do you feel tired, fatigued, or often sleepy during daytime? 

3) Observed: Has anyone told you that you have sleep apnea?

4) Pressure: Do you have high blood pressure or are you having a treatment for hypertension?

5) BMI: Do have body mass index that is higher than 35 kg/m2?

6) Age: Are you 51 or older?

7) Neck: Is your neck circumference more than 41 centimeters?

8) Gender: What is your gender?  (Men have a higher risk than women)

If you have been tested and considered to be at risk of sleep apnea, please contact your physician for a treatment as soon as possible.

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