AFTERNOON CHECK-UP: Convenient without fasting

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AFTERNOON CHECK-UP:  Convenient without fasting


Many people keep postponing the annual health check-ups because of their busy schedule.  Besides, they believe it is an all-day procedure which starts early in the morning and, on top of that, they have to fast beforehand.  Actually, today you can have an “Afternoon Check-up” without fasting to screen for any potential health risk.  So, you can easily plan for your treatment or preventive measures with no time constraint.

Why Health Check is Important

Regular health checks can measure your health status, physical fitness, health risks, and early signs of health issues.  It does increase the chance of a satisfactory treatment plan should there be any risk or problem;  while also reducing potential complications and leading to a long healthy life.

What is Afternoon Check-up?

It is a check-up without fasting before the procedure.  You can pick anytime that is convenient to you.  The procedure does not take long and the result is available the same day.    

ตรวจสุขภาพแบบไม่ต้องงดอาหาร AFTERNOON CHECK-UP

Who is Suitable for Afternoon Check-up?

Afternoon Check-up is suitable for everyone who is interested in health screening for all life’s stages to monitor for risks or any physical abnormalities.

Is Afternoon Check-up Reliable?

The afternoon check-up has the same high-quality standard and procedure as a regular health exam.  The only difference is the reference range.  Bangkok Hospital interprets the results based on the globally recognized European Atherosclerosis Society and European Federation of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine (2016), so that the quality and accuracy of the results are assured.

The Advantages of Afternoon Check-up

  • Applies to all age groups
  • Can be performed upon your availability
  • No fasting required
  • No need to wake up too early
  • Worry-free and convenient

Because an annual check-up helps you ascertain your health conditions.  Do not let your busy schedule stop you remaining healthy.  Now you can have the check-up without fasting.  If you are interested in our Afternoon Check-up program, please contact Health Design Center, Bangkok Hospital. Tel.  0 2755 1591, 0 2310 3284 or 1719

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