7 essential tips for recovering facial skin

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7 essential tips for recovering facial skin


Skin damage during hot season largely worries a number of women. Most common skin problems include skin burns, dry skin, skin rash and skin irritation. These seven tips help to efficiently recover facial skin from damages:


1) Using sun protection 

It is widely known that UV rays from the sun are the primary cause of wrinkles, pigmentation, sun spots, reduced skin elasticity, the degradation of skin texture as well as skin cancer. The regular use of sunscreen with high SPF (Sun Protection Factor against UVB) and PA (Protective grade of UVA) is highly recommended to protect skin damages caused by exposure to the sunlight. To obtain the maximum protective effects against UVA and UVB, sunscreen should be applied with sufficient amount to cover all exposed facial skin. Most adults need about 1 ounce. Repeated use of sunscreen is also advised during excessive exposure to the sunlight e.g. swimming.


2) Skin soothing remedy

Although skin cannot be entirely protected during exposure to the UV rays, skin soothing largely helps to improve skin’s health and texture. After skin damages, skin problems include skin irritation, redness and burning sensation, eventually results in weak skin tone which is tend to inflame easily. Skin soothing remedy involves the use of a 10-15 minute cold compression with wet and cool cloth on the facial skin, 2-3 times a day. The cold compress applied to the skin does not only help to relieve irritated and burning skin, it also minimize the pores and tighten skin texture. Cold compression can be initially used when the rash starts appearing. After cold compression, moisturizing cream should be additionally applied in order to reinforce the skin barrier with hydrating ingredients.


3) Avoid chemical and physical peeling

While skin is weakening, it is prone to exfoliate easily. All skin care products or cosmetic substances containing exfoliating ingredients such as AHA, BHA or glycolic acid should be strictly avoided. Scrub with exfoliating beads that physically stimulate skin irritation should be also kept away.


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4) Drinking enough water

In hot weather, body largely loses water from sweating. As a result of dehydration, skin lacks moisture and eventually becomes dry, irritated or exfoliated skin. Drinking sufficient water, at least 6-8 glasses per day, enables the skin to be restored with moisture. More importantly, sunlight represents an exogenous factor stimulating formation of free radicals which can induce skin damage. In order to act efficiently against these free radicals, regular consumption of fruits and vegetable with high vitamin C level e.g. orange juice and lime juice is also recommended.


5) Correcting freckles

A small patch of light brown color on the skin or freckle often become more pronounced through exposure to the sun. Skin discoloration caused by this skin problem might be alleviated after using spot correcting cream. However, some part of freckles might not be efficiently treated by external cream. In such a case, to brightening skin color, skin laser might be further advised. To reduce risks of freckle recurrence, continual use of sun protection is highly instructed.


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6) Acne care

Hard water containing high levels of calcium and magnesium, among other minerals can disrupt the skin barrier and induce acne. To gently clean the face, cleansing agents should be alcohol-free. If acne cannot be effectively treated by using external anti-acne cream, oral medicines and injections might be needed.


7) Seeking medical help

Mild to moderate burns usually cause red skin patch. Serious symptom indicating severe burns is blister with fluid-filled areas which cause pain, redness and swelling. Blister might naturally abrupt. Puncturing blister at home might increase chances of inflammation and infection. If blister is presented, medical attention provided by expert dermatologists must be sought as soon as possible.


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