5 Things to Know Before Receiving COVID-19 VACCINE

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5 Things to Know Before Receiving COVID-19 VACCINE


  1. Getting ready
    •  Get plenty of sleep.
    • Avoid alcohol intake before vaccination.
    • Be healthy without fever or abnormal signs.
    • Refrain from vigorous exercise or activity 2 days before and after vaccination.
    • No food or fluid restrictions. Regular medications can be taken as prescribed.

  2. Seeking medical attention
    For patients with underlying diseases presenting uncontrolled symptoms, please consult your physicians before vaccination.

  3. Preparing passport and appointment
    Arrange your appointment as instructed. On the vaccination date, please:
    • Wear a face mask.
    • Regularly wash hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer.
    • Keep social distancing.

  4. Wearing proper attire
    On the vaccination date, please wear short sleeve shirt / blouse for your convenience.

  5. Choosing injected area
    On the vaccination date, vaccine should be administered on the non-dominant arm. Remain relaxed while vaccinating.

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