Trauma Center of The Year in Asia Pacific

Trauma Center of The Year in Asia Pacific

Winner of an International Award
Number One in Asia-Pacific for Critical Care Transport


Another proud moment for Bangkok Hospital.  Our headquarters won the top prize at the Global Health Asia-Pacific Awards 2022, organized by Global Health & Travel magazine to promote travel in the Asia Pacific region.  Each winner was voted by readers of the magazine around the world as well as a panel of qualified experts from healthcare and travel industries in the Global Health Asia Pacific.

Every second matters in major trauma care

The mission of Bangkok Trauma Center has been established to take a full responsibility in prevention and treatment of trauma patients. Our trauma team at Bangkok Hospital Headquarters strives for the best possible treatment outcomes, the survival and quality of life of the patients. The essential parts of patient safety and service quality are the up-to-date standard of care, evidence-based guidelines, regular monitoring of performance and continuous improvement. Our ultimate achievement is the survival rate of major trauma patients that can be benchmarked with the world-class trauma centers. Providing 24/7 trauma care, our scope of services and trauma care facilities includes:

  • BDMS Emergency Service (BES) for prehospital trauma care
  • Interfacility transfer by ground ambulance and air ambulance
  • “Trauma Alert” or trauma team activation (TTA) for timely management of the seriously injured patients upon arrival
  • Diagnostic laboratories and blood bank including massive transfusion protocol (MTP)
  • Advanced radiologic imaging for rapid evaluation of skeletal and internal injuries
  • Hybrid operating theatre with capability to perform minimally invasive procedure, open surgery and radiologic intervention such as angiographic embolization for bleeding control
  • Surgical intensive care unit for advanced life support of the critically injured patient and organ failure
  • Burn unit and burn wound care program
  • Multidisciplinary care team working together to facilitate patient recovery which are clinical pharmacist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, nutritionist, psychiatrist, and trauma coordinator nurse.


One Number All Access for Life Care
Call 1724 or +662 226 4565 for trauma care.
Bangkok Trauma Center, Bangkok Hospital Headquarters