Restoring Mobility for Thailand’s No.1


Restoring Mobility

If we think back to 2013 there were numerous news reports on the leg fracture of Thailand’s number one goalkeeper and SCG Muang Thong United’s Tong-Kawin Thamsatchanan nicknamed “Flying Kawin”. However, Thai football fans can now prepare to welcome back their national hero.

Suffering a broken leg in a big match

“It was an away match versus Shanghai East Asia FC in Hong Kong, what happened was I collided heavily with an opposition player. I immediately felt sever pain in my sin area; I felt it was very serious so I didn’t dare to look at my own leg. After being stretchered off X-ray results showed that I had suffered a broken leg, as such the team flew me home for treatment that night.”

Surgery was my choice

“The medical team suggested two treatment options: the first was to wear a cast, the second was a minimally invasive surgery. As an athlete, I wanted to be back on the pitch as soon as possible. This is why I chose to undergo Minimally Invasive Plate Osteosyntehsis (MIPO). This method helped to form the shape of the bone and did not require huge incisions to be made, resulting a shorter recovery period.”

Bone Rehabilitation Post-Surgery

“About a week following surgery I was able to stand and began my physical therapy. Having surgery meant that my leg muscles were rarely used, this caused the muscles in my right leg to become smaller than the left. The rehabilitation process began with an ultrasound combined with a relaxing massage for the leg muscles. During that time, attention was also given to my diet with the help and advice of nutritionists. 

Restoring Confidence

“After 2 months of daily physical therapy I was able to start walking (cautiously). The physiotherapist then put me on the Anti-Gravity Treadmill which serves to reduce pressure while running. This was used in conjunction with hydrotherapy. It has been 4 months and my confidence has returned and I am ready to hit the training ground once again.” 

Dr. Vajara Phiphobmongkoll

Orthopedic Surgery Specialist

Bangkok Fracture Center Bangkok Hospital

“Bone fracture can be caused by a number of different reasons. With proper diagnosis and treatment, an understanding of the differences in the bone of patients of different ages, and the care of specialized medical team, the patient can expect effective treatment resulting in regained confidence in his/her mobility and ability to perform daily activities”. 

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