“No fall..No fracture”


Protecting your bones “No fall..No fracture”

As we get older our health begins to deteriorate, this is especially true in the case of bone strength in women. As such, many are concerned with osteoporosis which causes bones to become brittle and fragile, resulting in fracture. 

Today, proud mother of beautiful celebrity hostess Khun Nakwan will be sharing her experiences with regards to bone care and will be providing advice on prevention according to the “No Fall…No Fracture” concept. 

Days when your bones feel weak


“It is normal for our bodies to change physically according to age. Especially in women who enter into their 40’s all the way through to their 70’s. It is difficult to avoid osteoporosis completely. I myself had a lot of concerns, however if you know the proper way to care and protect yourself you can go about your daily activities with confidence.”


Bone Fractures can happen at any time…

One time I was coming down a flight of stairs, upon reaching the last level I took a misstep and fell heavily. At the time I heard a popping noise, I thought to myself it must be a bone breaking. However, after meeting the doctor it turned out to be เอ็นข้อเท้าอักเสบรุนแรง, I had to wear a cast for a month. Following the incident, I realized that it was time to take care and protect myself by preventing such injuries in the future. 


Falls are no small matter

“When we think back of younger years we can remember that when we fell, it was easy enough to get back up. However, as we become older falls become a very serious problem. Because when there is a fracture, apart from the pain are the complications that come with it such as แผลกดทับจากการนอนพักรักษาตัวนานๆ or paralysis.”

No Fall…No Fracture

“The important thing to remember about people my age is that prevention from falls and accidents is the number one line of defense. Firstly, one should always be vigilant and aware when getting up, walking, standing, sitting, sleeping. Do not be impatient, take your time with any activities and be extra careful when navigating stairs. Your bathroom should have a handle to grab on to just in case, also make sure the floor is not slippery. Gradually adjust your home environment to suit daily activities according to old age and complications that may occur in mind.”


Doctor Interview

Dr. Boonyarak Visutipol / Orthopedic Surgeon

Bangkok Orthopedic Center Bangkok Hospital

“Most cases of osteoporosis occur in women over 40 and causes deterioration in bone strength, this could be a result of accidents such as falls. In these cases bones are more fragile and brittle than normal especially in the hip area which can have side effects.

“As such, older patients with the condition should seek treatment as soon as possible. Our center offers prompt diagnosis and treatment, allowing patients to regain their mobility. Most importantly, older patients should seek to prevent harm that can occur from falls, and should also have regular check-ups to assess bone strength.”