Total Knee Replacement Surgery Package


Total Knee Replacement Surgery Package

Total Knee Replacement Surgery @ Bangkok Hospital

Minimal Pain - Faster Recovery - Walking within 24 hours*


  • Knee Surgery Package + Standard Prosthetic + Physiotherapy + 4 Nights Stay  276,000 baht/knee
  • Knee Surgery Package + Standard Prosthetic + Physiotherapy + 5 Nights Stay  471,000 baht/2 knees


Enjoy the movement once again. Bangkok Hospital’s Knee Replacement Surgery offers “minimal pain, faster recovery and the potential to walk within a day"

  • Minimal pain: patients will benefit from reduced pain before and after operation. They will be able to move both legs sooner, helping to improve blood circulation
  • Worry-free: with prevention procedures to help minimize the risk of complications during surgery such as thrombosis, heart attack, and infection
  • Faster Recovery: with the support of technology to help increase joint/knee mobility

 * Results may vary from person to person



Anti Gravity Treadmill (Alter G)

Allows for muscle rehabilitation post-surgery by allowing for exercises which do not place weight on the knee. This helps to prevent pain while walking.





Automatic Knee Exercise Machine Continuous Passive Movement (CPM)

Helps to facilitate mobility sooner, reduce inflammation from fascia and allows the knee to bend at a 90 degree angle during exercises.


  • Quality Prosthetic: American Standard, strong and durable
  • Contour Fitting: a special computer program  designs the optimal size and placement of the prosthetic


Terms and Conditions


  1. Qualification for this package is at the doctor's discretion.
  2. Price includes the following:

    • Operation room, recovery room, surgical team, anesthesiologists, medicine, and medical supplies (as needed)
    • Zimmer (Nexgen), Biomet (Vanguard) or and Johnson (Sigma PFC) prosthetic
    • Cross matching blood, but excludes transfusion (if needed)
    • Attachment of prosthetic/prostheses and blood thinners
    • Medicine and pain management post-surgery
    • Standard room and amenities, ICU, nursing costs, food, and medical equipment (as needed)
    • In-patient costs, medical supplies and equipment (as needed)
    • Physical therapy post-surgery during inpatient stay (as needed) - may involves use of Alter-G and the Continuous Passive Movement (CPM)
    • Multidisciplinary care and follow-up program post-surgery
    • Home Medication (up to 7 days), one walking apparatus (as recommended by doctor)


  1. In cases where extra prostheses may be required, extra costs will be incurred (at doctor's discretion).
  2. These prices do not include expenses associated with any illnesses incurred before or after entry into this program/package.
  3. Patients are required to cover costs of any procedures associated with other illnesses apart from knee replacement such as complications, lab tests, biopsy, specialist consultation, medical supplies, and medication associated. These diseases may include diabetes and heart conditions.
  4. If admission to the ICU is required, there may be additional costs to patient.
  5. If patient extends his/her stay at the hospital beyond the package/program, extra costs may be incurred. In this case, discounts may apply.
  6. Prices may change  without prior notice.
  7. Prices apply to International Patient only.


Valid from today - 31st December 2018