Metabolic Syndrome


Metabolic Syndrome


Metabolic Syndrome is a Non-Communicable Disease or NCDs and is common metabolic disorder, which leads to early cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and diabetes.

Indications of Metabolic Syndrome: 

Metabolic Syndrome = Waist circumference > Height / 2

For example if height is 160 cm then waist circumference should not exceed 160/2= 80cm

Indicators of Metabolic Syndrome (given that height is 160 cm)

  • For males waist circumference should not exceed 90 cm
  • For females waist circumference should not exceed 80 cm
  • BMI- Body Mass Index for Thais should not exceed 25 kg / m

Warning signs of Metabolic Syndrome

  • Enlargement of stomach area (becomes shaped like a pear)
  • Easily fatigued or weary
  • Difficulty breathing when sleeping
  • Headaches in the morning and sleepiness during the afternoon 

Prevent Metabolic Syndrome today by adjusting your habits such as eating healthy foods and get regular exercise to burn fat. 

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