Are you a diabetic? 

Diabetes is a condition that is classified as a Non-Communicable Disease or NCD and can cause acute myocardial infarction, paralysis, and kidney failure. 

Attributes of Diabetics: 

  • Obesity and a lack of urgency to exercise
  • Enjoys eating extremely sweet or salty foods
  • Urinates frequently during the night 
  • Often feels stressed

Indication of Diabetes

  • High Blood Pressure >130/90 MmHg
  • Measured glucose levels HbA1c>9%
  • Dark spots on the neck or groin area
  • Wounds have difficulty healing properly

To reduce the risk it is recommended to undergo behavioral or lifestyle changes such as not eating foods that are too sweet or salty, get regular exercise, and visit the doctor for health check-ups to diagnose the risk or presence of diabetes. 

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