Health is more than just freedom from disease or injury: it is now also about prevention and health enhancement, adding to the quality of life, rather than merely solving health issues


CONVENTIONAL MEDICINE has enjoyed mainstream popularity for much of modern history (and for good reason). In the past several decades, however, alternative medicines has been the focus of renewed popularity, a resurgence fuelled by scientific verification and proven efficacy. In other words; a full, realized, quality life is the goal, rather than simply the lack of disease or chronic conditions.


As a result, alternative medicine with a strong preventative focus is stepping into the main stream – think yoga, acupuncture and herbal supplements – providing ways to not just combat the degenerative aging process but optimise your current health condition. This is the concept of Optimum Health: holistic, comprehensive and forward-looking, and accessible to all.


Optimum Health is freedom from physical, mental and emotional limitations that have grown like weeds in a flower garden, crowding out and depriving us of sustainable health. It is about staying healthy at any age, maintaining physical independence as well as the mental capacity to make decisions, a task with which anti-aging supplements can assist.



“We can compare regular vehicle monitoring to health checkups. Consider your car: you check its mileage as well as its parts on a regular basis,” says Piyamart Siripredanant, anti-aging specialist at Bangkok Hospital’s Royal Life Anti-Aging Center. “Your body similarly needs health checkups, not to uncover health problems in order to start treatments, but to bridge the gap to Optimal Health.


“It’s like tailoring a suit: specific checkups require interviews to get truly insightful information, to make sure that all parts of your body works properly, and to analyse health conditions for risk factors in the future. For example, how often do you get stressed, or get really stressed out? What kind of food do you always consume? What is your lifestyle like? Do you have disordered sleep patterns?”


These questions are all part of Bangkok Hospital’s advanced medical checkup programme, which includes DNA analysis and hormones tests, in order to receive a medical prescription for the essential vitamins and minerals that your body requires and can best absorb. Lifestyle modifications to delay the natural processes of aging, deterioration and degeneration (which affect us all) are also part of this programme.


According to studies, anti-aging practices and health enhancing regimens can being at any age. They are related to many aspects of health: infertility, stress, and the availability of growth hormones to boost height or to look younger, for example.


Everyone can reach Optimum Health, thanks to healthful living and the right medical advice. At Bangkok Hospital, we help you by offering consultations with a team of anti-aging specialists, who will introduce you to a wide range of anti-aging and health-enhancing services and technologies.

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