Optimal Pregnancy


The Bangkok Women’s Health Center at Bangkok Hospital provides consultation an care services for pregnant women that spans before, during, and after pregnancy. Also available is the ‘Optimal Pregnancy’ program which aims provide a guideline during pregnancy, details physical changes to be expected, and child developement in the womb. The program is divided into two sections arranged according to pregnancy stage which are 3-5 months and 6-7 months.

Pregnancy- 3 to 5 months

  • Obsterician and Gynecologist

          - Details physical changes during pregnancy and infant development whilst in the womb

          - Assess abnormalities that require a doctor’s visit

          - Provide behavioral guidelines

  • Nutritionists

          - Provide advice of appropriate diet and nutrition throughout various stages of the pregnancy

  • Lactation Nurse

    - Care for breasts during pregnancy

    - Provide advice on how to remedy ‘short nipple’ and appropriate breastfeeding techniques

    - Advise on appropriate postures to maintain during pregnanc

  • Physical Therapist

    - Provide advice on appropriate exercise techniques

    - Advice on appropriate postures to maintain during pregnancy

Pregnancy – 6 to 7 months

  • Pediatrician

    - Stimulate infant development

  • Nutritionists

    - Advise on appropriate diet and nutrition after giving birth (includes enrichment of breast milk)

  • Lactation Nurse

    - Appropriate breast feeding technique

    - Advice on best posture while breast feeding.

    - Preparation for getting back to work

  • Physical Therapist

    - Preparation for entering into the final stages of pregnancy leading up to birth

    - Breathing exercises

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