Direct Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement


Direct Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement

Introducing the Direct Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement

Less Pain, Faster Recovery, and Improved Mobility

The Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement is a tissue-sparing procedure that exposes the hip with one small incision on the front of the joint. The anterior approach avoids cutting major muscles as such patients typically experience less pain, scarring and no post-op surgical wound discomfort. Compared to traditional surgery, patients will be able to bear weight and walk with the use of crutches/walker sooner whilst allowing for a swifter return to normal function.

Furthermore, patients can typically expect a shorter hospital stay, a better range of movement, as well as significantly decreased risk of hip dislocation. The procedure does not disturb the muscles and soft tissue structures that naturally prevent the hip from dislocating. 

Direct Anterior Approach is a relatively new technique in the Southeast Asia region and requires extensive training and expertise. Doctor Phonthakorn Panichkul of the Hip and Knee Center indicates that “Currently, this technique is widely utilized with a high percentage of success in the United States, Canada, and Europe. However in Thailand, with the exception of our team at the Bangkok Hip and Knee Center, this procedure is not as yet readily available. We expect the Direct Anterior Approach to become the standard for hip replacement surgery in the near future”.

Direct Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement

Direct Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement

May be suitable for patients who experience:

  • Chronic hip pain that does not subside with pain medication
  • Hip pain which worsens when moving
  • Hip pain which interferes with sleep
  • Hip pain that affects your ability to walk up or down stairs
  • Hip pain that makes it difficult to rise from a seated position
  • Stiffness in the hip

  • Arthritis of the hip 

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