Advanced 3D Laparoscopic Surgery for Women


Abnormal abdominal pain for women can be an indication of disease


30% of women post monopause will start to experience similar abnormalities such as irregular menstruation and blood clots. These may last for over 3 months and may be accompanied by bouts of acute pain which require the use of pain killers.

They can be an indication of disease such as cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, tumor in the uterus, endometriosis, chocoloate cyst, and abnormalities of the ovaries.


Diagnosis of abnormalities with ultrasound and hysteroscopy can lead to more effective treatment plans such as hormonal therapy or laparoscopic surgery. Presently, Bangkok Hospital offers Advanced 3D Laparoscopic Surgery which helps to increase accuracy and provide doctors with higher detail and insight. The increased access helps to enhance safety, effeciency, while reducing pain and time required. As well as the significantly smaller incision wound (less scarring) that allow patients a faster recovery.

Minmially Invasive 3D Laparoscopic Surgery is capable of treating several diseases in women including cysts, chocolate cysts, tumors in the uterus and ovaries, appendicitus, visectomy, and more.

Faster and more accurate diagnosis with these new technologies will help to provide the optimal treatment plan. The Women’s Health Center at Bangkok Hospital is prepared to offer consultation and treatment of abnormalities specific to women by a team of specialized medical professionals well-versed in laparoscopic surgery. Given that women of different ages will have different risk factors diagnosis will be provided accordingly.