Women’s Health Center

The Women’s Health Center was created to provide complete obstetrics and gynecological (OB/GYN) care in a comfortable and reassuring environment, with a world-class team of physicians, nurses and technicians and state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment technology.
The center is a full-service practice addressing the healthcare needs of women at every stage of life and is equipped with the latest specialized laboratory analyses, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans. Other advanced technologies available are the Voluson E8 and Advanced 3D Laparoscopic Surgery. Our internationally trained physicians are at the forefront of new surgical methods, including minimally invasive endoscopic procedures and other alternatives to hysterectomies.
Bangkok Hospital’s network of 60 specialized clinics and centers allows doctors at the Women’s Health Center in providing comprehensive care to women of all ages, from family planning, to midwifery and delivery care, mid-life healthcare, menopause and post-menopause counseling and management, prevention of such diseases such as cervical cancer and osteoporosis after menopause, and diagnosis of both cancerous and non-cancerous tumors.



1. Complete Diagnostic Center for Women

  • Pre-marital Health-Check up
  • Screening test for cervical cancer: Thin Prep, HPV Virus screening and vaccination
  • Ultrasound test for any internal organ abnormalities in women
  • Breast Cancer Screening: Mammogram with Ultrasound 
  • Bone densitometry: measuring bone density and osteoporosis

2. Treatment for Disease in Women

  • Abnormal Menstruation, Leucorrhea
  • Treatment of all cancer found in women: Cervical, Endometrial, Ovarian
  • Treatment of gynecological problems with laparoscopic surgery
  • Prevention and treatment Post menopause

3. Obstetric Services 

  • Before Pregnancy

    • Consultation and Preparation
    • Consultation regarding infertility 

  • During Pregnancy

    • Diagnosis of possible disease and abnormalities for both mother and child 
    • Diagnosis for thalassemia (chromosome abnormality) by specialists
    • Screening and diagnostic tests of fetuses at high risk of Down syndrome with ultrasound
    • Consultation for delivery choices (natural birth or cesarean section)
    • Option  to perform female vasectomy and appendectomy as necessary 

  • Birth and Post-Birth

    • Birth or parturition supported by advanced medical technology 
    • High-Risk Pregnancy Care
    • Preparation for breast feeding and potential lactation problems
    • Consultation for various conditions such as hormonal changes
    • Prevention of osteoporosis 

Gynecological Surgery 

Gynecological Surgery includes procedures for benign conditions, cancer, infertility, and incontinence through the use of new technology such as the Advanced 3D Laparoscopic Surgery     

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