Child Development Neuropsychiatric Clinic (CDNC)

The Child Development Neuropsychiatric Clinic (CNDC) provides developmental-behavioral pediatricians to evaluate and provide consultation regarding child development and care. 
Our developmental-behavioral pediatricians evaluate, counsel, and provide treatment for children with a wide range of developmental and behavioral difficulties which may include:
  • Learning disorders including dyslexia, writing difficulties, math disorders, and other school-related learning problems

  • Attention and behavioral disorders including attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder and associated conditions including oppositional-defiant behavior, conduct problems, depression, and anxiety disorders

  • Tics, Tourette syndrome, and other habit disorders

  • Regulatory disorders including sleep disorders, feeding problems, discipline difficulties, complicated toilet-training issues, enuresis (bedwetting), and encopresis (soiling)

  • Developmental disabilities including cerebral palsy, mental retardation, autism spectrum disorders, and visual and hearing impairments

  • Delayed development in speech, language, motor skills, and thinking ability

  • Behavioral and developmental problems complicating the full range of pediatric chronic illnesses and disabling conditions (for example, genetic disorders, epilepsy, prematurity, diabetes, asthma, cancer)

Power of Generation

Tuesday, June 6 , 2017 | Viewer: 2919

Every Generation can and will experience similar health problems

Why is your child stubborn, hard to deal with, disobedient, too attached to their friends, addicted to gaming, inattentive at school, unconfident, timid, aggressive, lacking in attention, and exhibiting a low level of development when compared to other kids of the same age? How can you best raise your child?

Altering Behavior and Instilling Discipline in Children

Monday, November 30 , 2015 | Viewer: 8046

Today there are a number of children with behavioral issues such as, insubordination to parents, displays of aggression, and selfish, disrespectful conduct

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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