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An accident or medical emergency can happen at any time, anywhere. Be it at home, at the workplace, or on the road, they often occur unexpectedly and without warning. Similarly, acute illnesses are those that have a very rapid onset and, in many cases, can be serious. As such, First Aid and emergency treatment that is timely and accurate can significantly contribute to lower death and paralysis rates.


With the aforementioned in mind, the Bangkok Emergency Services (BES) was established with the aim of providing prompt treatment for accident victims or those in critical condition. Patients will then be transported to the nearest hospital to receive secondary or tertiary care. The BES network consists of 14 hospitals located within Bangkok Metropolitan Region. This helps to significantly reduce transit time, a substantial factor when dealing with crisis situations and can very well be the difference between life and death.

 Bangkok Emergency Services Network Transport System

Dr. Anyari Sangcharaswichai, Network Emergency Medicine Director BDMS reveals that since its inception, BES has continually strived to improve its emergency transport services. Today, apart from maintaining a quality ambulance fleet, BES has added airplanes, helicopters, motorlance and hydrolance medical transportation services to allow for comprehensive transit by land, sea, and air.


Originally, the Emergency Medical System or EMS was the system utilized in Bangkok for the transportation of patients in critical situations; it has since expanded its services due to a growing network of member hospitals in the provinces and is today known as BES. Another important aspect that has been significantly beneficial due to the increased network size is the ability to efficiently provide inter-facility transfer to increase timeliness, convenience and efficiency of emergency treatment and transit processes.

 Camps BES

A testament to its determination with regards to continual improvement, BES has recently been awarded ‘The Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems (CAMTS)’, an international certification from the United States. Quality control is the main criteria and includes aspects such as ensuring that safety procedures are enforced to prevent any accidents during transit. The first accreditation of its kind, BES has received recognition for its speedboat transport, which includes a patient bed and comprehensive medical equipment compatible to water transit. Furthermore, these standards have been taken and applied in the United States.


A highlight of Bangkok Emergency Services is the ability to provide comprehensive care during transportation in any given crisis situation. Furthermore, each transport is staffed by paramedics supported by specialized personnel such as cardiologists as required by the nature of emergency. Importantly, BES is able to offer extracorporeal membrane oxygenation or ECMO, a technology/technique which provides both cardiac and respiratory support to persons whose heart and/or lungs are unable to function on their own. Most medical transport services will be able to provide respiratory support, however with the ECMO technique BES is able to sustain life for both cardiovascular and respiratory emergencies.


In addition, the Mobile CT & Stroke Treatment Unit enables diagnosis of potential stroke, an emergency situation which requires prompt treatment. Once diagnosis is confirmed thrombolytic medication will be administered immediately to dissolve dangerous clots in blood vessels, any delay may lead to paralysis or death. This service is pivotal given the circumstances of Bangkok’s traffic. With this in mind, the Mobile CT & Stroke Treatment Unit is able to provide diagnosis and treatment at the front of a patient’s home, negating any delays and maximizing chances of successful treatment.


To maximize efficiency, the BES “call center” keeps pertinent information on registered patients such as name, address, and contact number through an integrated GPS system. When an emergency call is received the coordinates as well as the optimal route will be displayed, the information will then be relayed to the nearest hospital within the network. Furthermore, the “BES ilertu” application is available for download via smartphone and allows emergency service providers to pinpoint an individual’s coordinates and information in real-time. The app also provides information and video tutorials on First Aid on how to deal with seizures, acute chest pain, and other emergency situations.


Accidents or crisis situations require urgency, as such having a plan of action in place is pivotal. In this respect, technology has allowed the gap between having an accident and receiving medical treatment to be reduced significantly. As such, a simple way to be proactive is by downloading the BES application or registering with the network. This can go a long way to ensuring that precious seconds are not wasted during a medical emergency. 



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