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Parkinson’s Clinic : The Parkinson's Clinic provides diagnosis and treatment services for movement disorders including Parkinson's, a condition which is becoming increasingly prevalent in older patients. 

Symptoms of Parkinson’s

  • body shakes uncontrollably
  • Tightness and pain in muscle
  • Loss of balance 

Symptoms of movement disabilities
  • Tremor
  • myoclonus, tics disorders
  • dystonia, chorea

These require careful diagnosis to find the root causes. Currently the CT, MRI เเละ PET scan specifically F-DOPA PET are used to diagnose Parkinson’s and other movement disabilities.

Treatment of Parkinson’s
Effective treatment includes replacing missing dopamine. Currently, there are many highly effective medicines to improve a patient’s condition. For patients with motor fluctuations side effects treatment will be conducted by: 
  • Using electrodes to trigger deep brain stimulation in conjunction with reducing the amount of medicine given and its side effects, the operation will be divided into two parts:

    • Part 1: Surgical procedure that includes implanting small electrode into the sub thalamic nucleus area of the brain. The surgery will be performed on both sides of the brain by drilling small holes into the skulls followed by evaluation of patient’s condition.
    • Part 2: Once part one is completed the IPG DBS battery will then be implanted at the chest connected to the electrode in the brain. After 3-4 weeks the battery will be programmed and the symptoms can be observed. The battery is operated by a remote programmer but can also be managed by a patient self-programmer.

  • Botulinum toxin injection : Botulinum toxin injection therapy is used to treat dystonia - neuromuscular disorder that produces involuntary muscle contractions, or spasm - that affects muscles that control movement in the eyes, neck, face, limbs, voice box, or the smooth muscle in the bladder. The goal of the therapy is to reduce muscle spasm and pain. 

Parkinson's Diagnosis and Treatment

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